FAQ & Answers

  • Updated July 19, 2021. Westside Community Schools plans to share the Safe Return To School Plan for the 2021/22 school year within the coming weeks.

    We welcome emails at feedback@westside66.net and do our best to respond to all messages within 72 hours.


    What should I do if I or my child test positive?

    Please let school officials know immediately by following the guidelines below.

    • For student cases/exposure: email the Westside COVID Team at studentservices@westside66.net.
    • For staff cases/exposure: email the Westside HR Team at hrdept@westside66.net.

    Will I be notified if there is a positive COVID case at my child’s school/in my building?

    As of May 28, 2021, parents/staff will no longer be notified directly via email. Our COVID-19 information on our website will be updated to reflect positive cases when reported to us. We will also continue to directly notify those directly exposed.

    What does ‘direct exposure’ mean?

    This is a definition set by Douglas County Health and medical experts. CLICK HERE for the latest COVID-19 guidance from Douglas County Health. 

    How are you making sure sick kids and staff stay at home?

    • Making parents aware of signs/symptoms of COVID019. We have a direct link to our Symptom Screener on our website, as well as community resources with more information about COVID-19.
    • Westside Nurses and Health Aides have been trained in what to watch for, and are staying up to date on evolving guidance from medical experts on how to respond if they suspect COVID-19.
    • We have a Possible Exposure Form we have made available through Human Resources to help provide proactive response information to our staff and administrators. We are also working closely with our employees to make sure COVID-19 testing information and coverage is readily available.
    • Our Director of Student Services follows up with families/students who have reported symptoms and/or absences related to COVID-19.

    Are masks still required?

    No. Westside Community Schools no longer requires masks on school property as of June 21, 2021. Should this policy change due to events within our community and/or expert medical advice, we will notify all families and staff.