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Westside Ramps Up WE-SIDE Efforts, Highlighted In New Video

Posted October 11, 2021

For nearly two years now, Westside Community Schools has invested time, focus and heart into our WE-SIDE Initiative. WE-SIDE stands for Welcoming, Equity, Support, Inclusion, Dignity FOR EVERYONE. We have a mission at Westside Community Schools to pursue excellence, safety and a welcoming spirit for EVERY staff member and student in our schools. WE-SIDE is a strategic campaign to actively promote each aspect of that acronym to ultimately nurture and strengthen every one of us and our entire district.

We hope you enjoy our new video which explains a little more about why WE-SIDE is so important, our specific goals, and some of the people behind our efforts. 


We also have several upcoming events in which you can personally take part in our efforts.

  • October 21, 6:30-7:30pm at Westside Middle School
    • A Parents Guide To Social Media. While not specifically focused on WE-SIDE, this event will cover important topics impacting those efforts including bullying on social media, online predators, worrisome behaviors and legal consequences. All are welcome to attend, and we will share this event live on the Westside Community Schools Facebook page.
  • November 2, 6:00-7:30pm at Westside High School
    • WE-SIDE Community Dialogue
  • November 8, 6:00-7:30pm at Westside High School
    • WE-SIDE Community Dialogue. Attendees will participate in conversations with Inclusive Communities about intentional measures and strategies to promote inclusivity. All students, staff, parents and community members are invited to attend.
    • This is the same session, offered on two different evenings. 

THANK YOU for your ongoing work and efforts to help us make WE-SIDE a reality every day in our schools!

Westside Community Schools


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