• What is WE-SIDE?

    Westside Community Schools launched the WE-SIDE initiative in the summer of 2020. WE-SIDE stands for Welcoming Equity Support Inclusion Dignity Everyone.

    Our focus for WE-SIDE is actually very simple. We want all our students, staff and visitors to feel like they belong at Westside.  We want to...

    • Create a culture with a true sense of T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)
      • Strengthen our “sense of belonging” for students, staff and community members
        • Support each other and root for one another as “teammates”
          • Become a better organization with better academic and social outcomes

    This is not politically motivated. We are not trying to push an agenda of any sort. We are not latching onto any one theory or organization or individual speaker. Our school district, community, and nation seem to have lots of divisive walls from political affiliation to skin color to religion to gender to socio-economic status, to differences in intellectual and physical abilities, and more.

    We simply want to…

    • Promote the power of acceptance and belonging for all
      • Be great human beings who demonstrate kindness and tolerance
        • Learn about and accept the things that make us different
          • Focus on the things that connect us

    Thank you to all for your continued engagement and support!

    For more information on WE-SIDE and how you can be involved, email Molly Hurley at hurley.molly@westside66.net.

Westside students