• WHS WE-SIDE Student Group

    This group of students will assist our building and district with WE-SIDE initiatives by engaging in monthly activities and dialogue surrounding belonging, equity, and inclusion. You will also be provided opportunities to discuss ideas and strategies which will continue to move forward our district's efforts at creating a space of belonging for all. In this “brave” space, you will be encouraged to share personal experiences and communicate ideas with one another to address current success and needed areas of growth. 

    The intent of this group is to:

    Elevate student-voice within the Westside community through honest and meaningful dialogue

    Develop and promote WE-SIDE initiatives at Westside High School

    Strengthen our inclusive environment while building a network of peers

    Participants will be provided opportunities to engage with various stakeholders of Westside Community Schools and share their unique perspectives.

    For more information, please contact:
    Jay Dostal   dostal.jay@westside66.net

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